Choose from our popular Add-Ons and make your kids party extra special.


Pop 3ft balloons remotely at the push of a button and release multiple balloons that were stuffed inside this 3ft big balloon. Great concept for grand entry and during the cake cutting.


Our cold fireworks are a great addition for grand entry and during the cake cutting. Perfect add-ons that will take your party to another level. Our cold fireworks can be used indoors as well as outdoor events.


Let your little ones jump off all that boundless energy on our inflatable bouncy castle. Perfect for all their friends to join in, and your little ones are sure to have hours of fun!


No venue is completely dressed without our elegant chair covers and sashes. They enhance any occasion and provide elegance and grace to the venue. We have chair covers available in White, Black, Pink, and Blue.


Round banquet white table cloths that reach the floor with the right coloured topping to suit your theme. Match the colour scheme of your theme and make tables more presentable for guests.


Looking for unique table pieces to make your party standout from others? We customise table pieces as per your theme and budget.

Regarding Add-ons

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Ultimate party Entertainers are a team of professional, reliable, highly skilled, friendly children’s party entertainers and decorators.

We offer a wide range of party themes and entertainment and we are also happy to tailor our party packages to suit your budget and requirements

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